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  1. Harry Potter - your story 10 Fragen - Erstellt von: Flutterby - Entwickelt am: 01.12.2012 - 68.618 mal aufgerufen - User-Bewertung: 3,3 von 5 - 40 Stimmen - mit langer Auswertung Seit meinem letzten Quiz (Twilight - your story) ist einige Zeit vergangen, doch hier sind 3 lange, hoffentlich gelungene Geschichten, die nur warten, um von euch gelesen zu werden
  2. Your Harry Potter Story . 10 Fragen - Erstellt von: Liz.Riddle - Entwickelt am: 15.07.2014 - 55.516 mal aufgerufen - User-Bewertung: 3,4 von 5 - 14 Stimmen - mit langer Auswertung - 6 Personen gefällt es Nur für geduldige Menschen, den die Storys sind sehr lang und umfassen alle 7 Schuljahre. Daher schrieb ich nur zwei Storys. Tut mir den Gefallen und klickt nicht auf das. Danke. 1.
  3. 11 Fragen - Erstellt von: Harry Potter Fan xoxo - Aktualisiert am: 19.11.2019 - Entwickelt am: 06.08.2019 - 33.468 mal aufgerufen - User-Bewertung: 2,6 von 5 - 9 Stimmen - mit langer Auswertung - 20 Personen gefällt e
  4. Harry Potter: Your magical Lovestory! 15 Fragen - Erstellt von: Zoey♥ - Entwickelt am: 01.09.2012 - 186.869 mal aufgerufen - User-Bewertung: 4,6 von 5 - 154 Stimmen - mit langer Auswertung - 14 Personen gefällt e
  5. The Harry Potter Create Your Own Adventure (HPCYOA) was built as a fun diversion, to explore the world of Harry Potter in an interactive and exciting way. In the Harry Potter* CYOA, you are in control of your own unique witch or wizard and eventually journey through seven years of Hogwarts
  6. Full Harry Potter Story; Original Characters; House, Bff, Bf, Grades, Blood Type, Family, Other Characters And Teachers Opinions And Your Future! Enjoy :D x
  7. Harry Potter- Deine Story mit Liebesgeschichte 20 Fragen - Erstellt von: Thalia - Entwickelt am: 21.10.2016 - 53.127 mal aufgerufen - User-Bewertung: 1,8 von 5 - 5 Stimmen - mit langer Auswertung - 5 Personen gefällt e

Harry Potter Quiz: Your Life At Hogwarts . 15 Questions | By Potterhead_Sarah | Last updated: Oct 8, 2020 | Total Attempts: 139582 . Start. This is supposed to be a fun quiz that lets you know what your life at Hogwarts might be like, like what house you'll end up in, who you'll end up marrying, and a little bit about your life once outside of Hogwarts. More Hogwarts House Quizzes. Which Harry. Choose Your Own Harry Potter Adventure -YEAR ONE- (demo) 29 Read. 3.4/5.0 (31 votes) Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Just a little something I did for fun! Chapter 1 (START HERE) by: KawaiiAutumn. It's the beginning of your first year at Hogwarts, and you're on the boats heading to your new school. All of a sudden, a boy falls in the lake! It seems like Hagrid is getting ready to save. Der Prolog beginnt 29 Jahre nach dem Epilog von Band 7. Harry hat alles verloren und führt ein von verbittertes, verwahrlostes und von Rache getriebenes Leben. Doch dann erhält Harry vom Schicksal, oder von Schicksal, wie sie sich selbst nennt, die einmalige Chance in das Jahr 1971 zu reisen Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the first game in which players can create their own character and experience life as a Hogwarts student. The game will launch under Portkey Games, from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the games label dedicated to creating new Wizarding World mobile and video game experiences that place the player at the centre of their own adventure, inspired by J.K.

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Harry Potter ist eine Kinder- und Jugendromanreihe der englischen Schriftstellerin Joanne K. Rowling. Erzählt wird die Geschichte der titelgebenden Figur Harry Potter, der an seinem elften Geburtstag von seiner magischen Herkunft erfährt und fortan Schüler des britischen Zaubererinternats Hogwarts ist Your Harry Potter love story (girls only i no im sorry)sory i cant spell :L. by: Legolas_Harry_Edward_NOM. 4,357 Responses 4.7/5.0 (6 votes) Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. my first quiz so please dont be brutal.. i love these sorts of quizes..... love story what characters think of you...i would say looong answers...oh yh and sorting hat.im writing stories based on the results so. Also, if you choose interesting characters that are not a part of Harry Potter, make sure they are well-written, or your story will be ignored. Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you went to Hogwarts! Well, now, you'll be able to know what the Harry Potter crew thinks of you, and you will know what your Yule Ball experience was like who you went with and your future! You'll also see what house you'll be in and more! So, take this quiz I swear you won't regret it! (LONG RESULTS It was quite rush but I still hope you enjoy the quiz) This is your Harry Potter life! I tried to make it fun and legit! I hope the result is long enough for your liking since I am one who also loves the result to be long. Add to library 2 Discussion 3. Hogwarts life quiz . 1 week ago Luna Tonks . Books. Add to library 366 Discussion 385. Hogwarts Life (For Girls) May 13, 2017 AnaBLove. Your Harry Potter boyfriend + story (Updated!) Danielle Hedley McFly. 1. 5. What's your favorite colour? Red! Black or Blue or Green. Orange. BLACK « » Log in or sign up. Show discussion 13. Harry Potter was adopted by the Potters from his birth mother Sally Jackson. When they die, Petunia gives him back to Sally and he is raised as Percy Jackson. Percy is endlessly surprised when a Hogwarts letter comes in the mail. And a Harry Potter with a loving and smart mother, well, you better watch out Wizarding World. Language: English. Florence Diggory, the biggest prankster and sister of Cedric Diggory was a late joiner at Hogwarts. She joined in her third year, completely unknown to Hogwarts as she switched from Beauxbatons. She felt lonely at first but she soon made friends and was having the time of her life by supporting her..

Be amongst the first to get your hands on our new Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking collectible pins when you upgrade to Gold Membership, while stocks last. Terms & conditions apply. Learn more 'The wand chooses the wizard!' Take part in our official wand ceremony. Finding your wand is a right of passage for all young wizards and witches. So what are you waiting for, discover yours now in. As part of WBIE's Portkey Games label, this groundbreaking mobile game puts you at the centre of an all-new story in the Wizarding World. Start your very own adventure in Harry Potter: Hogwarts.. Find Stories. Filter Results By: Search For: Single-Author Stories Group Stories Chain Stories Your Hogwarts Life - Harry Potter. by: HannahTulip. 7,075 Responses. 3.2/5.0 (13 votes) Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Completed 0 of 10 questions. 1. What form would your Patronus take? A flying animal A water animal A large animal A clever animal 2. What would be your favourite subject. The twin sister of Harry Potter, the fourth member of the Golden Quartet, and the star of the Quidditch Team. Hated by her enemies, adored by her peers. She never experienced true love from anyone . . . but that all changed when she began to fall for the golden girl of Gryffindor . . Harry Potter. 7th Feb 202

Your Harry Potter Story - testedich

The final Harry Potter book may have come out back in 2007 but the franchise lives on in the Fantastic Beasts series, Cursed Child and, most importantly, our hearts. Whether your bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone the day it came out, saw every movie at the cinema, or came to the wizarding world later in life, it's hard to imagine life without Harry Potter Your Story In Hogwarts -Harry Potter RPG. Unbeantwortete Beiträge anzeigen: Forum Themen Beiträge. Neueste Beiträge. Extrablatt, Die Neusten Nachrichten hier vor Ort Moderatoren: Moderatoren, Plot: 10: 10: UMZUG!!!!! Di März 03, 2015 12:36 am Fred Weasley : Bewerbungen Moderator: Moderatoren: 1: 1: Bewerbungsvolage... Fr Feb 27, 2015 3:57 pm Fred Weasley : Inplay Moderatoren: Moderatoren. Books: Harry Potter fanfiction archive with over 824,810 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Harry Potter S.H. Figuarts Action Figure. Regular price $64.95 $48.71 (Save 25%) Quick View. Dobby Framed Print from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. 1. $149.95 - $495.95. Quick View. Dobby Heirloom-Quality Steiff Plush Backpack Clip from Harry Potter. Regular price $32.95. Quick View. Hufflepuff Baby Bodysuit and Leggings Set from Harry Potter. Your voice matters. I have a small Harry Potter tattoo that I can get covered up easily, but I felt so good about it at the time because this series has gotten me through a lot. I would re-read. Harry Potter Mysteries of Hogwarts App for iOS and Android Your Hogwarts letter is finally on its way. As part of the Portkey Games label, this upcoming mobile game from Jam City will transport you to the very halls of Hogwarts

Love of A Sister {Harry Potter Fanfic} - Her Eyes - Wattpad

Harry Potter: Deine Hogwarts Lovestory

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  3. Your Harry Potter love story (girls only i no im sorry
  4. How to Write Harry Potter Fanfiction: 10 Steps (with Pictures
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